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Venez faire la fête entre amis à paris dans notre restaurant proche des grands boulevards.

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Restaurant Les fils à maman à Bruxelles
  • Restaurant Les fils à maman à Ixelles
  • Restaurant Les fils à maman à Ixelles
  • Restaurant Les fils à maman à Ixelles
  • Photo des Fils à Mamans, restaurant gourmands à Bruxelles
  • Restaurant Les fils à maman à Ixelles
  • Restaurant Les fils à maman à Ixelles

Restaurant open every day !

Lunch 12 to 2.30pm. Dinner 7pm to 11pm. Brunch every Sundays from 11.30am to 3pm. Closed on Sunday evenings.

Once upon a time there were Nicolas, Audrey, Julien, Laurent and Alban. Five foodies, five real foodies, of the worst kind (the one that would kill for a big rib of beef, home made fries and a chocolate cake with lots of ice-cream).
Five gourmets, basically amateurs, but who loved WHATS REALLY GOOD. They were all nostalgic, with bittersweet memories of good food… The food “from when they were little”, the cooking from « THEIR » mother, simple and tasty at the same time, the REAL cooking with real products, the one you long for, the one that taste GOOD.. Yummy yummy…


In the kitchen, we trust that the chef, full of energy and ideas, will make you jump of joy with all of his good dishes!


In summary, it is the story of 4 mummy’s boys and their little girlfriend, who, because they like to eat and to eat right, got together to give birth to THEIR restaurant, the one where the food is just GOOD, where the atmosphere is friendly and the service is fantastic!
That’s a promise, you will be extremely well looked after with us. Because our mums, Nicole, Anne and Christine, think good manners are no joking matters…
Nico, Audrey, Julien, Laurent and Alban guarantee you a generous and welcoming service.
They will be on board, one after the other, to make sure all goes well.


Restaurant Les fils à maman Lyon

Un restaurant à Bruxelles pour la cuisine de maman

Discover our mother's menu HERE

Every first Tuesday of the month our lovely mums will come and put their cookery skills into action to offer you some of their special dishes. On that day a unique menu will be offered : the mum’s starter, her kids two favorite dishes and her most famous dessert.
Every customer eating that night will be given all the recipes, and our mums will be here to share with you all their tricks and their secrets.

Restaurant Les fils à maman Nantes

La roue des gourmand, notre restaurant récompense ses fidèles clients !

Our restaurant rewards the most loyal customers
Spin it spin it… and… you…. WIN !! A romantic dinner? Free coffee for one month? A dance with Nicolas
Once they have their loyalty card full, our lovely customers can spin the foodies’ wheel and might get the chance to win a nice reward… or not !
The foodies’ wheel: a great idea in the restaurant Les Fils à Maman

La roue des gourmands, une idée sympa au restaurant les fils à maman à Bruxelles.

Restaurant sympathique de Bruxelles.
Restaurant Les fils à maman à Bruxelles rue Fourmois.

Le livre de la cuisine des maman

Remember when you were a kid and you were always hanging in the kitchen watching your mum prepare your favorite dish? You would then secretly dip your finger in the sweet batter and get your face full of chocolate mousse. Who never dreamt about cooking those dishes they loved so much as a kid ?


It is to help you plunge back into these delicious memories that we have asked 22 real mothers to reveal their easiest and most delicious recipes.
Each menu is composed of a starter, a main course and a dessert and come with their own original illustrations, the mum’s tricks of the trade a nd a selection of interesting information about each dish. Each menu suggested is a tribute to home cooking, childhood and family.
Dinner is served !!!

Restaurant Les fils à maman in Bordeaux.

Les goodies sympas de notre restaurant.


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Franche restaurant in Bruwelles les Fils à Maman